About us

This is the official website for the sale of University of Barcelona merchandise, where you will find a range of textiles and accessories with exclusive designs and UB branding.

With more than 570 years of history, the University of Barcelona is the foremost university in Catalonia and Spain and the highest-placed Spanish university in the most demanding global rankings. It is also the leading research university in Spain and one of the most important centres of university research in Europe.

With its close ties to the history of Barcelona and Catalonia, the UB combines tradition with innovation and excellence in teaching. As an institution it maintains an open and cosmopolitan outlook, reflecting the qualities of the surrounding city.

The UB has launched its merchandising project to strengthen the bond between the University and the members of its community and to bring the UB brand to an international audience.

Take the time to discover the full range of University of Barcelona merchandise. We hope you find something you like!